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<Bringing HTML5 to WordPress>

Upgrade WordPress to HTML5! Download and install TwentyTen Five, or use it as a framework for your own HTML5 themes. It's FREE!

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What is it?

Built to accompany an article in Smashing Magazine, TwentyTen Five is an HTML5 upgrade of the default WordPress TwentyTen theme.

It's completely free, easy to build on, and brings brand new HTML5 elements and functionality to WordPress.


Why HTML5?

HTML5 is ready to use today! It works with all modern browsers from IE6 up* and supercharges your web pages with ....

To find out more about the HTML5 revolution, check out the official site.

*To use HTML5 with IE6 - IE8 you need a pinch of JavaScript, which is of course included in TwentyTen Five!

How do I use it?

Installing TwentyTen Five is a piece of cake! Follow these three easy steps...

Join us on Github

TwentyTen Five is a social project. It's ongoing and we welcome your input!

You can download the code or create your own fork, or check out the Changelog to see what we've been up to.

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TwentyTen Five was originally developed by @richardshepherd for an article in @smashingmag. This site was designed by @humso.

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